Title: Baruch Elias, Author: Frank Chandler
Title: Jordan's Crossing, Author: Ethan Harker
Title: The Drifter's Revenge, Author: Owen G. Irons
Title: The Devil's Work, Author: Paul Bedford
Title: A Message For McCleod, Author: Vance Tillman
Title: Return to Tatanka Crossing, Author: Will DuRey
Title: Last Chance Saloon, Author: Cole Shelton
Title: By Tank: D to VE Days, Author: Ken Tout
Title: Pack Rat, Author: Colin Bainbridge
Title: Last One Standing, Author: Derek Rutherford
Title: Teacher With A Tin Star, Author: Harriet Cade
Title: Harps For a Wanted Gun, Author: Ty Walker
Title: Reluctant Tin Star, Author: Dale Graham
Title: Empire, Author: Will Starr
Title: Grizzly Revenged, Author: D M Harrison
Title: In The High Bitterroots, Author: Will DuRey
Title: Revenge at Powder River, Author: John McNally
Title: Midnight Hawk, Author: Jack Sheriff
Title: The Man From The Staked Plains, Author: Jack Sheriff
Title: Saddle Tramps, Author: Owen G. Irons

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