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Title: The Harvard Dictionary of Music: Fourth Edition / Edition 4, Author: Don Michael Randel
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Title: The Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music and Musicians / Edition 1, Author: Don Michael Randel
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Title: The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health / Edition 2, Author: Karen J. Carlson M.D.
Title: A New History of German Literature, Author: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
Title: A New Literary History of America, Author: Greil Marcus
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Title: The New Americans: A Guide to Immigration since 1965 / Edition 1, Author: Mary C. Waters
Title: Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide / Edition 1, Author: Sarah Iles Johnston
Title: Greek Thought: A Guide to Classical Knowledge / Edition 1, Author: Jacques Brunschwig
Title: Keywords and Concepts in Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Author: Brian K. Hall
Title: The Tree of Life: A Phylogenetic Classification, Author: Guillaume Lecointre
Title: African-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography, Author: James P. Danky
Title: The Harvard Guide to African-American History: Foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Author: Leon F. Litwack
Title: Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World / Edition 1, Author: G. W. Bowersock