Title: Eye in the Sky
Director: Gavin Hood
Title: The Hundred-Foot Journey
Title: Woman in Gold
Title: 2010
Director: Peter Hyams
Title: Madness Of King George
Title: Savage Messiah
Director: Ken Russell
Title: The Debt
Director: John Madden
Title: The Good Liar
Title: Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built
Title: The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu
Title: Greenfingers
Director: Joel Hershman
Title: Arthur
Director: Jason Winer
Title: Love Ranch
Title: The Tempest
Director: Julie Taymor
Title: Door to Door
Director: Steven Schachter
Title: Some Mother's Son
Director: Terry George
Title: The Queen
Title: The Leisure Seeker
Director: Paolo Virzì
Title: The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
Title: Hussy
Director: Matthew Chapman

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