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Title: Plato's Rhapsody and Homer's Music: The Poetics of the Panathenaic Festival in Classical Athens, Author: Gregory Nagy
Title: Labored in Papyrus Leaves: Perspectives on an Epigram Collection Attributed to Posidippus (P. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309), Author: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
Title: Greek Ritual Poetics, Author: Dimitrios Yatromanolakis
Title: Helots and Their Masters in Laconia and Messenia: Histories, Ideologies, Structures, Author: Nino Luraghi
Title: Priene: Second Edition, Author: Nikos A. Dontas
Title: Master of the Game: Competition and Performance in Greek Poetry, Author: Derek Collins
Title: Black Doves Speak: Herodotus and the Languages of Barbarians, Author: Rosaria Vignolo Munson
Title: Amphoteroglossia: A Poetics of the Twelfth-Century Medieval Greek Novel, Author: Panagiotis Roilos
Title: Victim of the Muses: Poet as Scapegoat, Warrior and Hero in Greco-Roman and Indo-European Myth and History, Author: Todd Merlin Compton
Title: The Life and Miracles of Thekla: A Literary Study, Author: Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
Title: Homeric Conversation, Author: Deborah Beck
Title: The Culture of Kitharoidia, Author: Timothy Power
Title: The Power of Thetis and Selected Essays, Author: Laura M. Slatkin
Title: Comparative Anthropology of Ancient Greece, Author: Marcel Detienne
Title: Poetic and Performative Memory in Ancient Greece: Heroic Reference and Ritual Gestures in Time and Space, Author: Claude Calame
Title: Weaving Truth: Essays on Language and the Female in Greek Thought, Author: Ann Bergren
Title: Ritual and Performativity: The Chorus in Old Comedy, Author: Anton Bierl
Title: The Epic City: Urbanism, Utopia, and the Garden in Ancient Greece and Rome, Author: Annette L. Giesecke
Title: Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception, Author: James H. Lesher
Title: Paradise Earned: The Bacchic-Orphic Gold Lamellae of Crete, Author: Yannis Tzifopoulos

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