Title: Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, Author: R.S. Surtees
Title: History of Babylonia and Assyria, Author: Hugo Winckler
Title: Stages of Higher Knowledge, Author: Rudolph Steiner
Title: The Young Melbourne, Author: David Cecil
Title: The Long Ships Passing - The Story Of The Great Lakes, Author: Walter Havighurt
Title: Holy Images: An Inquiry into Idolatry and Image-Worship in Ancient Paganism and in Christianity, Author: Edwyn Bevan
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Title: George V - King And Emperor, Author: E Major
Title: Codes And Ciphers - A History Of Cryptography, Author: Alexander D'Agapeyeff
Title: Blucher And The Uprising Of Prussia Against Napoleon, Author: Ernest F. Henderson
Title: Self Control - Its Kingship and Majesty, Author: William George Jordan
Title: Clock Repairing and Making - A Practical Handbook Dealing with the Tools, Materials and Methods Used in Cleaning and Repairing All Kinds of English an, Author: F. J. Garrard
Title: Violin Playing as I Teach It, Author: Leopold Auer
Title: Character and Opinion in the United Stat, Author: George Santayana
Title: Captain John Smith, Author: E. Keble Chatterton
Title: Germanys Revolution of Destruction, Author: Hermann Rauschning
Title: Pantheism, Author: J. Allanson Picton
Title: History of the Conquest of Spain Vol I, Author: Henry Coppee
Title: Ten Years In Japan, Author: Joseph C. Grew
Title: Arabia Felix, Author: Bertram Thomas
Title: Forbidden Journey, Author: Ella K. Maillart

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