Title: TROUBLE AT LONE SPUR, Author: Roz Denny Fox
Title: SHE CAUGHT THE SHERIFF, Author: Anne Marie Duquette
Title: Mother in the Making, Author: Ellen James
Title: THE MAN FROM BLUE RIVER, Author: Judith Bowen
Title: TEXAS STANDOFF, Author: Ruth Alana Smith
Title: In the Arms of the Law, Author: Anne Marie Duquette
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Title: She's the Sheriff, Author: Anne Marie Duquette
Title: COTTONWOOD CREEK, Author: Margot Dalton
Title: WHAT A MAN'S GOT TO DO, Author: Lynnette Kent
Title: Safe Haven, Author: Evelyn A. Crowe
Title: A COWBOY FOR CLEMENTINE, Author: Susan Floyd
Title: SARAH'S LEGACY, Author: Brenda Mott
Title: WIDE OPEN SPACES, Author: Roz Denny Fox
Title: Cowboy at the Crossroads, Author: Linda Warren
Title: MONTANA DREAMING, Author: Nadia Nichols
Title: COWGIRL, SAY YES, Author: Brenda Mott
Title: BUFFALO SUMMER, Author: Nadia Nichols
Title: A Baby by Christmas, Author: Linda Warren
Title: More Than a Cowboy, Author: Peggy Nicholson
Title: The Sheriff of Sage Bend, Author: Brenda Mott

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