Title: Homer's Odyssey: A Companion to the English Translation of Richard Lattimore, Author: Peter Jones
Title: A Native American Theology, Author: Clara Sue Kidwell
Title: Homer: Poet of the Iliad, Author: Mark W. Edwards
Title: Iliad, Author: Homer
by Homer
Title: Listening to Homer: Tradition, Narrative, and Audience, Author: Ruth Scodel
Title: Odyssey, Author: Homer
by Homer
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Title: Approaches To Homer, Author: Carl A. Rubino
Title: Homer and the Homeric Hymns: Mythology for Reading and Composition, Author: Helaine L. Smith
Title: Homer / Edition 1, Author: Barry B. Powell
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Title: Pope's
Title: Homer's Traditional Art, Author: John Miles Foley
Title: Homer, Author: Paolo Vivante IV
Title: Rivers of Fire: Mythic Themes in Homer's Iliad, Author: Christopher J. MacKie
Title: Poetry as Performance: Homer and Beyond / Edition 1, Author: Gregory Nagy
Title: Helen of Troy: From Homer to Hollywood / Edition 1, Author: Laurie Maguire
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Title: Homer: The Iliad / Edition 2, Author: M. S. Silk
Title: A Penelopean Poetics: Reweaving the Feminine in Homer's Odyssey, Author: Barbara Clayton
Title: The Iliad (Illustrated Edition), Author: Homer
Title: Taking Her Seriously: Penelope and the Plot of Homer's Odyssey, Author: Richard Heitman
Title: To Homer Through Pope, Author: Harold Andrew Mason