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Title: Der Wandel der Jenseitsvorstellung im Vergleich zwischen Homer, Hesiod und Platon, Author: Nicola Kiermeier
Title: The Iliad by Homer, Author: Homer
Title: Homer, Hesiod and the Hymns: Diachronic Development in Epic Diction, Author: Richard Janko
Title: Why, How, Fleet Salvage And Final Appraisal [Illustrated Edition], Author: Vice Admiral Homer N. Wallin
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Title: Plato's Rhapsody and Homer's Music: The Poetics of the Panathenaic Festival in Classical Athens, Author: Gregory Nagy
Title: Homer: The Iliad / Edition 2, Author: M. S. Silk
Paperback $26.81 $28.99 Current price is $26.81, Original price is $28.99.
Title: Holiness, Righteousness, Author: Homer E Kizer
Title: Homer Underby: The Thuperman Trilogy: Book 2, Author: Elgon Williams
Title: Homer's Iliad. Book VI, Author: Magdalene Stoevesandt
Title: Lost in Translation: One unforgettable summer wedding, Author: A. Begg
Title: The Life Giver, Author: Ross Homer
Title: Symphonic Music, Its Evolution Since the Renaissance / Edition 1, Author: Homer Ulrich
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Title: Ungeschehenes Geschehen: Beinahe-Episoden im griechischen und romischen Epos von Homer bis zur Spatantike, Author: Heinz-Gunther Nesselrath
Title: Light in the Darkness - Studies in the Gospel of John, Author: Homer A. Kent
Title: Sailing Backward (Southwest of Homer Book 3), Author: Cherime MacFarlane
Title: Troy: From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic / Edition 1, Author: Martin M. Winkler
Hardcover $139.50 $155.00 Current price is $139.50, Original price is $155.00.
Title: The Iliad of Homer, Homer, Full Version, Author: Homer
Title: The Humor of Homer and Other Essays, Author: Samuel Butler
Title: Homer´s Odyssee als Jugendbuch? Eine kritische Betrachtung anhand Walter Jens 'Ilias und Odyssee' und W. Schadewaldts Originalübersetzung, Author: Taraneh Tehrani
Title: Courage and Cowardice in Ancient Greece: From Homer to Aristotle, Author: Andrei G. Zavaliy Pre-Order Now

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