Title: George Henry Moore, L.L.D., Author: Howard Crosby
Title: Thoughts on the Decalogue, Author: Howard Crosby
Title: Out-of-doors in the Holy land; impressions of travel in body and spirit.: By:Henry Van Dyke and By:Howard Crosby Butler (March 7, 1872 Croton Falls, New York - August 13, 1922 Neuilly) was a United States educator and archaeologist.(illustrated edition), Author: Howard Crosby Butler
Title: The Healthy Christian: An Appeal to the Church., Author: Howard Crosby
Title: Tolstoy And His Message, Author: Ernest Howard Crosby
Title: Tolstoy and his message: (With Tolstoy's Illustrated Biography), Author: Ernest Howard Crosby
Title: Captain Jinks Hero, Author: Ernest Howard Crosby