Title: Nemo: The Roses of Berlin, Author: Alan Moore
Title: Star Wars Adventures Vol. 1: Heroes of the Galaxy, Author: Landry Q. Walker
Title: Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes, Author: Chris Roberson
Title: Orphan Black: Helsinki, Author: Graeme Manson
Title: Witch and Wizard, Volume 1: Battle for Shadowland, Author: James Patterson
Title: Star Wars Adventures Vol. 2: Unexpected Detour, Author: Landry Q. Walker
Title: What If We Were..., Author: Axelle Lenoir
Title: Star Pig, Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Title: Nemo: Heart of Ice, Author: Alan Moore
Title: The Quest of Ewilan, Vol. 2: Akiro, Author: Lylian
Title: Home Time (Book Two): Beyond the Weaving, Author: Campbell Whyte
Title: Home Time (Home Time Series #1), Author: Campbell Whyte
Title: Ye, Author: Guilherme Petreca
Title: Camp Spirit, Author: Axelle Lenoir
Title: Four Sisters, Vol. 1: Enid, Author: Malika Ferdjoukh
Title: Amelia Cole Versus the End of Everything, Author: Adam P. Knave
Title: Junkwraith, Author: Ellinor Richey Pre-Order Now
Title: Ward's Valley, Author: Bobby Curnow
Title: Elenora Mandragora: Daughter of Merlin, Author: Severine Gauthier
Title: A Matter of Life, Author: Jeffrey Brown

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