Title: Pisces of Fate, Author: Paul Mannering
Title: Brumbies in the Snow, Author: Paula Boer
Title: Silent Sorrow, Author: Russell Kirkpatrick Pre-Order Now
Title: Slights, Author: Kaaron Warren Pre-Order Now
Title: Figments and Fragments: Dark Stories, Author: Deborah Sheldon
Title: Clearing the Web, Author: Cary J. Lenehan
Title: Time of Breath, Author: Paul Mannering
Title: Altered Gate, Author: Shaun Meeks
Title: The Second Life of Eddie Coyne, Author: Louis K Lowy
Title: Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2, Author: Steve Proposch
Title: Scouring the Land, Author: Cary J. Lenehan
Title: Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Intimations of Evil, Author: Cary J. Lenehan
Title: Cthulhu: Land of the Long White Cloud, Author: Steve Proposch
Title: The Bloodwolf War, Author: Paula Boer
Title: The Wordsmith, Author: Barbara Howe Pre-Order Now
Title: The Blacksmith, Author: Barbara Howe
Title: Metamorphosis: Short Stories, Author: Claire Fitzpatrick
Title: The Year of the Fruit Cake, Author: Gillian Polack

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