Title: Cycles of the Ghetto, Author: Andrea Markish Woods
Title: The Heritage of African-Americans in Long Beach: Over 100 Years, Author: Aaron L. Day
Title: Africa America: Is there Racism Within the Race?, Author: Ronald Brown
Title: Mars Journal, Author: Fred Kelly
Title: Lake Tahoe: The Guidebook with a Point of View, Author: Suzanne Stone
Title: The Miracle Comeback, Author: Matthew G. Munoz
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Title: Yucca Village, Author: Linda Twist
Title: Life is a Dance: Poetry & Thoughts of Rubin Kelner, Author: Beryl R. Kelner Cook
Title: The Amennation Spirit War, Author: Richard Cox
Title: Saga of a Stop and Go Family, Author: Daniel P. Devine
Title: The Charnel House, Author: Eric Eckelman
Title: Letters Home- The Silvey Brothers in WWII, Author: Clayton L. Coker
Title: To Catch A Dragon, Author: I. B. Lieve
Title: Rapture Clause, Author: Dagmar G. Grimes
Title: What Really Pisses Me Off, Author: Marshall Lester
Title: Petals in the Wind, Author: Lois Clark
Title: Legacy of a Rebel, Author: Barbara Michel
Title: Bayou Duprey, Author: tba
by tba
Title: How Do I Get There From Here? The Journey to Purpose and Maturity, Author: Dorothy Riggs
Title: Max, The Dog Who Couldn't Bark, Author: Sarah Church

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