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Title: Tour the U.S. Capitol, Author: Georgia Lee
Title: Mighty U.S. Mountains, Author: Shalini Atwal
Title: Caterpillars and Butterflies, Author: Jill Kay
Title: Liam Goes to Independence Hall, Author: Greg Hepburn
Title: Life in an Aquarium, Author: Jodi Mercurio
Title: There's a Food Chain in Your Garden!, Author: Emerson Fronczak
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Title: Sydney Works at the School Store, Author: Devi Puri
Title: Sports! Have Fun and Stay Healthy, Author: Connor Meeks
Title: Wings, Shells, and Fur: Surviving in the Wild, Author: Courtney Fink
Title: Maddie's Map Adventure, Author: Ashley Jordan
Title: What Lives in Your Backyard?, Author: Jefferson Davenport
Title: A Tree's Life, Author: Wesley Snow
Title: Mysteries of the Sun, Author: Louella Bath
Title: Understanding Civilizations, Author: Stefan Stevens
Title: Rachel Carson: Saving the Environment, Author: Rory Queenston
Title: What Lives in a Marsh?, Author: Dave Mack