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Title: Lasers and Excited States of Rare Earths, Author: Renata Reisfeld
Title: Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Compounds, Author: R. L. Carlin
Title: Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry, Author: P. Gütlich
Title: Inorganic Molecular Dissymmetry, Author: Yoshihiko Saito
Title: Modern Hot-Atom Chemistry and Its Applications, Author: T. Tominaga
Title: Inorganic Stereochemistry, Author: D. L. Kepert
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Title: Electrochemistry of Solids: An Introduction, Author: Hans Rickert
Title: Heteropoly and Isopoly Oxometalates, Author: M.T. Pope
Title: Inorganic Thermochromism, Author: Kozo Sone
Title: Variety in Coordination Modes of Ligands in Metal Complexes, Author: Shinichi Kawaguchi
Title: Crystallographic Statistics in Chemical Physics: An Approach to Statistical Evaluation of Internuclear Distances in Transition Element Compounds, Author: Fedor Valach
Title: Understanding Luminescence Spectra and Efficiency Using Wp and Related Functions, Author: Charles W. Struck