Title: International Perspectives on Education and Society: Educational Reform in International Perspective Vol 4 / Edition 1, Author: Sally Tomlinson
Title: Para Recu Para Edu Citi Ipes5h / Edition 1, Author: Gita Steiner-Khamsi
Title: Global Trends in Educational Policy, Author: David P. Baker
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Title: The Impact of Comparative Education Research on Institutional Theory / Edition 1, Author: David P. Baker
Title: Education for All: Global Promises, National Challenges / Edition 1, Author: David P. Baker
Title: The Worldwide Transformation of Higher Education, Author: David P. Baker
Title: Gender, Equality and Education from International and Comparative Perspectives, Author: David Baker
Title: Educational Leadership: Global Contexts and International Comparisons, Author: Alexander W. Wiseman
Title: International Education Governance, Author: S. Karin Amos
Title: Higher Education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life, Author: Charles Wankel
Title: The Impact of International Achievement Studies on National Education Policymaking, Author: Alexander W. Wiseman
Title: Post-Socialism is not Dead: (Re)Reading the Global in Comparative Education, Author: Iveta Silova
Title: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education Worldwide, Author: Ryan N. Glover
Title: Teacher Reforms Around the World: Implementations and Outcomes, Author: Motoko Akiba
Title: International Educational Innovation and Public Sector Entrepreneurship, Author: Alexander W. Wiseman
Title: Education for a Knowledge Society in Arabian Gulf Countries, Author: Naif H. Alromi
Title: Comparative Science: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Author: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Title: Promoting and Sustaining a Quality Teacher Workforce, Author: Alexander W. Wiseman
Title: Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2015, Author: Alexander W. Wiseman
Title: Post-Education-for-All and Sustainable Development Paradigm: Structural Changes with Diversifying Actors and Norms, Author: Shoko Yamada

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