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Title: Northern Heist, Author: Richard O'Rawe
Title: Ireland Through Birds: Journeys in Search of a Wild Nation, Author: Conor W. O'Brien
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Title: Belfast and Derry in Revolt: A New History of the Start of the Troubles ~ Revised New Edition, Author: Simon Prince
Title: Thatcher's Spy: My Life as an MI5 Agent Inside Sinn Fein, Author: Wilie Carlin
Title: A Bloody Dawn: The Irish at D-Day, Author: Dan Harvey
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Title: Buck Whaley: Ireland's Greatest Adventurer, Author: David Ryan
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Title: Surnames of Ireland, Author: Edward MacLysaght
Title: Liam Mellows, Soldier of the Irish Republic: Selected Writings, 1914-1922, Author: Conor McNamara
Title: Adoption Machine, Author: Paul Jude Redmond
Title: Being New York, Being Irish: Reflections on Twenty-Five Years of Irish America and New York University's Glucksman Ireland House, Author: Terry Golway
Title: A Bloody Week: The Irish at Arnhem, Author: Dan Harvey
Title: Charlie One: The True Story of an Irishman in the British Army and His Role in Covert Counter-Terrorism Operations in Northern Ireland, Author: Sean Hartnett
Title: The Civil War in Dublin: The Fight for the Irish Capital, 1922-1924, Author: John Dorney
Title: Considering Grace: Presbyterians and the Troubles, Author: Gladys Ganiel
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Title: The Men Will Talk to Me: Ernie O'Malley's Interviews with the Northern Divisions, Author: Síobhra Aiken
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Title: Preacher and the Prelate, Author: Patricia Byrne
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Title: Patrick Sarsfield and the Williamite War, Author: Piers Wauchope
Title: Northern Ireland's '68: Civil Rights, Global Revolt and the Origins of the Troubles (Second Edition), Author: Simon Prince
Title: Knockfane: A Novel, Author: Homan Potterton
Title: The Presumption of Innocence and Irish Criminal Law: 'Whittling the 'Golden Thread', Author: Claire Hamilton

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