Title: Hymns of the Eastern Church, Author: J.M. Neale
Title: The Moral Concordances Of Saint Antony Of Padua, Author: Antony Of Padua
Title: The Liturgies Of S. Mark, S. James, S. Clement, S. Chrysostom, And The Church Of Malabar; Translated, With Introduction And Appendices, Author: J. M. Neale
Title: A Commentary on the Psalms, Author: Rev. J.M. Neale
Title: The Liturgies of SS. Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostom and Basil and the Church o, Author: R F Littledale LLD
Title: Essays on liturgiology and church history, Author: J. M. Neale
Title: The Liturgies of Saints Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostomos, and Basil, and the Church of Malabar, Author: J. M. Neale