Title: Glass Key
Director: Stuart Heisler
Title: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Title: Stage Door
Director: Gregory La Cava
Title: Primrose Path
Director: Gregory La Cava
Title: Saboteur
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Title: Meet John Doe
Director: Frank Capra
Title: Color Out of Space
Title: I Married a Witch
Title: The Woman in the Window
Title: Flesh and Fantasy
Title: Since You Went Away
Title: The Talk of the Town
Title: Sweethearts
Director: W.S. Van Dyke
Title: Bullets or Ballots
Title: Air Raid Wardens/Nothing but Trouble
Title: Wings of the Navy
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Title: Pilot No. 5
Director: George Sidney
Title: Juke Girl
Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Title: Lady in a Jam
Director: Gregory La Cava
Title: Dark Nemesis
Director: Drew Maxwell

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