Title: The Opposite Sex
Title: Dynasty - Season 3, Volume 1
Title: Land of the Pharaohs
Title: The Road to Hong Kong
Title: The Stud
Title: The Bitch
Title: Esther and the King
Director: Raoul Walsh
Title: These Old Broads
Director: Matthew Diamond
Title: Cosh Boy
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Title: The Executioner
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Title: Sea Wife
Director: Bob McNaught
Title: Annie: A Royal Adventure
Director: Ian Toynton
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Title: Dynasty - Season 3,  Vol. 2
Title: Star Trek: the Original Series - Best of
Title: Dynasty - Season 4, Vol. 1
Title: The Devil within Her
Director: Peter Sasdy
Title: Playing the Field
Director: Louis D'Amico
Title: Inn of the Frightened People