Title: Phoenix Island, Author: John Dixon
Title: Devil's Pocket, Author: John Dixon
Title: The Point, Author: John Dixon
Title: Donald J. Trump's Presidency: International Perspectives, Author: John Dixon
Title: Site, Sight, Insight: Essays on Landscape Architecture, Author: John Dixon Hunt
Title: Magnificent but Not War: The Second Battle of Ypres 1915, Author: John Dixon
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Title: Things I'll Never forget: Memories of a Marine in Viet Nam, Author: James M. Dixon
Title: Tea, Tisane and a Load of Old Tosh, Author: John Dixon
Title: Pictures of Slavery in Church and State: Including Personal Reminiscences, Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes on Slavery by John Wesley and Richard Watson, Author: John Dixon Long
Title: Poverty: A Persistent Global Reality, Author: Professor John Dixon
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Title: Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring and Managing Brands, Author: John Dixon
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Title: The Figure in the Landscape: Poetry, Painting, and Gardening during the Eighteenth Century, Author: John Dixon Hunt
Title: Four in a Bay, Author: John Dixon
Title: A World of Gardens, Author: John Dixon Hunt
Title: Child Protection and Child Welfare: A Global Appraisal of Cultures, Policy and Practice, Author: John Dixon
Title: Beyond Prejudice: Extending the Social Psychology of Conflict, Inequality and Social Change, Author: John Dixon
Title: Art, Word and Image: 2,000 Years of Visual/Textual Interaction, Author: Michael Corris
Title: Donald J. Trump as U.S. President:
Title: A Cultural History of Gardens in the Modern Age, Author: John Dixon Hunt
Title: Historical Ground: The role of history in contemporary landscape architecture, Author: John Dixon Hunt

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