Title: Royalist on the Run, Author: John Gilbert
Title: Handbook Of The Irideae, Author: John Gilbert Baker
Title: Karma Queen, Author: John Gilbert
Title: Stanfield Hall: Vol. 3, Author: John Gilbert
Title: A Memoir of the Duke of Wellington, Author: Charles MacFarlane
Title: Stanfield Hall: Vol. 1, Author: John Gilbert
Title: Soldiers and Sailors (Illustrated Edition), Author: George Mogridge (Old Humphrey)
Title: Parallel Lives, Parallel Nations Volume One: A narrative history of Rome & the Jews, their relations and their worlds (161 BC-135 AD), Author: John Gilbert
Title: Lily, Author: John Gilbert
Title: The Poetical Works Of Robert Burns. Edited By The Rev. Robert Aris Willmott. Illustrated By John Gilbert., Author: Robert Burns
Title: Tales of a Wayside Inn, Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Title: Labour and Devolution in Wales 1983-98, Author: John Gilbert Evans
Title: Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales - With Six Coloured Plates, and Four Hundred and Twenty-Four Wood-Cuts by John Gilbert, John Tenniel, Harrison Weir, Walter Crane, W. McConnell, and Others: With Six Coloured Plates, and Four Hundred and Twent, Author: Anon.
by Anon.
Title: Rookwood. By: William Harrison Ainsworth (NOVEL ) a historical and gothic romance (Illustrated) by:George Cruikshank and Sir John Gilbert, Author: William Harrison Ainsworth
Title: The Taming of the Shrew, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Thoughts on the Wind: Selected Poems, Author: John Gilbert Fuller
Title: Power Parenting for Poor People: Roland Gilbert's Stress-free Power Parenting System(R), Volume 1, PARENTING TROUBLED YOUTH: Success Secrets for Parents, Professionals, and Volunteers, Author: Roland John Gilbert
Title: The Book of Brave Old Ballads [Illustrated], Author: Unknown
Title: Tales From Shakespeare: With 29 illustrations by Sir John Gilbert plus notes and authors' biography (Aziloth Books), Author: Charles Lamb
Title: Chromatics, Author: John Gilbert

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