Title: Yalu River 1950-51: The Chinese spring the trap on MacArthur, Author: Clayton K. S. Chun
Title: Operation Eagle Claw 1980: The disastrous bid to end the Iran hostage crisis, Author: Justin Williamson
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Title: Soviet Airborne Forces 1930-91, Author: David Campbell
Title: Roman Soldier vs Parthian Warrior: Carrhae to Nisibis, 53 BC-AD 217, Author: Si Sheppard
Title: Tombstone: Wyatt Earp, the O.K. Corral, and the Vendetta Ride 1881-82, Author: Sean McLachlan
Title: Soviet Soldier vs Finnish Soldier: The Continuation War 1941-44, Author: David Campbell Pre-Order Now
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Title: Hitler's Eastern Legions 1942-45, Author: Nigel Thomas Pre-Order Now
Title: Weapons of the US Special Operations Command, Author: Chris McNab
Title: Tomahawk and Musket: French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758, Author: René Chartrand
Title: Behind Soviet Lines: Hitler's Brandenburgers capture the Maikop Oilfields 1942, Author: David R. Higgins
Title: The Swamp Fox: Francis Marion's Campaign in the Carolinas 1780, Author: David R. Higgins
Title: Walker Bulldog vs T-54: Laos and Vietnam 1971-75, Author: Chris McNab
Title: Panzerfaust vs Sherman: European Theater 1944-45, Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Title: Samurai vs Ashigaru: Japan 1543-75, Author: Stephen Turnbull
Title: US Flush-Deck Destroyers 1916-45: Caldwell, Wickes, and Clemson classes, Author: Mark Lardas
Title: St Lo 1944: The Battle of the Hedgerows, Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Title: French Foreign Légionnaire vs Viet Minh Insurgent: North Vietnam 1948-52, Author: Martin Windrow
Title: M113 APC 1960-75: US, ARVN, and Australian variants in Vietnam, Author: Jamie Prenatt
Title: Cromwell vs Jagdpanzer IV: Normandy 1944, Author: David R. Higgins
Title: Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman: European Theater of Operations 1944, Author: Steven J. Zaloga

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