Title: Descendants 3, Author: Disney Book Group
Title: August Isle, Author: Ali Standish
Title: You Had Me at Hola: A Novel, Author: Alexis Daria
Title: Miss Meteor, Author: Tehlor Kay Mejia
Title: Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?: With a Foreword by Gina Rodriguez, Author: Rebecca Tinker
Title: Oculta, Author: Maya Motayne Pre-Order Now
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Title: Shaking Up the House Lib/E, Author: Yamile Saied Mïndez Pre-Order Now
Title: The World Between Blinks #1 Lib/E, Author: Amie Kaufman Pre-Order Now
Title: Unpregnant, Author: Jenni Hendriks
Title: American Immigration: Our History, Our Stories, Author: Kathleen Krull
Title: Light Years: A Novel, Author: Emily Ziff Griffin
Title: A Mind Spread out on the Ground, Author: Alicia Elliott
Title: An Unforgettable Christmas, Author: Ginny Baird
Title: Clue by Clue (Carmen Sandiego Series), Author: Catherine Hapka
Title: Mothers: Stories, Author: Chris Powers
Title: Shaking Up the House, Author: Yamile Saied Mendez Pre-Order Now
Title: As Long as Grass Grows: The Indigenous Fight for Environmental Justice, from Colonization to Standing Rock, Author: Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Title: Say Yes to Yourself: 50+ Uplifting Lessons in Self-Empowerment, Self-Confidence, and Self-Worth, Author: Molly Burford
Title: The Black Cathedral, Author: Marcia Gala
Title: The Woman on the Windowsill: A Tale of Mystery in Several Parts, Author: Sylvia Sellers-García

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