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Title: We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women, Author: Chrishaunda Lee Perez
Title: Marty and the Christmas Eve Surprise, Author: Sharon Durgin
Title: The Bubble Gum Girl, Author: Jim O'Brien
Title: Champion, Author: D.S. Brown
Title: The New Kid in Mounds, Author: Afra Brown
Title: Vlogger Nation, Author: Lauren Cox
Title: The Christmas Spirit Is Born!, Author: Lucy Walker
Title: Monday Afternoon, Author: SFHS Creative Writing Club
Title: Georgie Makes a New Friend, Author: Grandpa Lamaritz
Title: Mylo Does Chores, Author: Jeff Bernat
Title: Training Your Inner Pup to Eat Well, Author: Linda W. Craighead
Title: Princesses Only Wear Putta-Puttas, Author: Priya Mahadevan
Title: Hannah Finds a Kitten, Author: Barbara Nasser
Title: Best Tall Tales in Short Stories, Author: Winnfred Smith
Title: Murder With Deceit, Author: Winnfred Smith
Title: Middle South, Author: Maya Nessouli Abboushi
Title: Murder Before Dawn, Author: Winnfred Smith
Title: Veggie Power, Author: Arletha Simpson
Title: Little Guy Gets a Bath, Author: Terry Markoff
Title: Fey Fey Says No, Author: Priya Mahadevan

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