Title: Hounds of the Underworld, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Into the Darkness, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Teeth of the Wolf, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: Mika, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Midnight Echo Issue 15, Author: Australasian Horror Writers Association Pre-Order Now
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Title: Shortcuts: Track 1, Author: Grant Stone
Title: Midnight Echo Issue 15, Author: Lee Murray Pre-Order Now
Title: Blood of the Sun, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: At the Edge, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Blood, Brains & Bullets: A Zombie Apocalypse Anthology, Author: Dane Hatchell
Title: Professional Networking: How to Get Started, How to Succeed!, Author: Michael Lee Murray
Title: BEUTEZEIT - Manche Legenden sind wahr: Horrorthriller, Abenteuer, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Dream Walker's Destiny: Land of Mystica Volume Three, Author: Michelle Lee Murray
Title: Ichra's Quest: Land of Mystica Series, Author: Michelle Lee Murray
Title: Into The Sounds, Author: Lee Murray
Title: Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror, Author: Dan Rabarts
Title: Robert Lee of Tennessee: Loyal Union Far, Author: Raymond Murray
Title: The Refuge Collection Book 1: Heaven to Some..., Author: Lee Murray
Title: Timegate to Tomorrow, Author: Lee Murray

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