Title: The Howling Storm: Weather, Climate, and the American Civil War, Author: Kenneth W. Noe
Title: The War Went On: Reconsidering the Lives of Civil War Veterans, Author: Brian Matthew Jordan
Title: Treason on Trial: The United States v. Jefferson Davis, Author: Robert Icenhauer-Ramirez
Title: The Architecture of LSU, Author: Michael J. Desmond
Title: Archaic Earthworks of the Lower Mississippi Valley: Interpretations from the Field, Author: Jon L. Gibson
Title: A New Orleans Author in Mark Twain's Court: Letters from Grace King's New England Sojourns, Author: Miki Pfeffer
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren, Author: Robert Penn Warren
Title: Reinterpreting Southern Histories: Essays in Historiography, Author: Craig Thompson Friend
Title: Audubon on Louisiana: Selected Writings of John James Audubon, Author: Ben Forkner
Title: Newcomb College, 1886-2006: Higher Education for Women in New Orleans, Author: Susan Tucker
Title: New Orleans' Charity Hospital: A Story of Physicians, Politics, and Poverty, Author: John E. Salvaggio
Title: If I Could Turn My Tongue Like That: The Creole Language of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, Author: Thomas Klingler
NOOK Book $69.99 $79.95 Current price is $69.99, Original price is $79.95.
Title: Jefferson Davis, Napoleonic France, and the Nature of Confederate Ideology, 1815-1870, Author: Jeffrey Zvengrowski
Title: Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren: Triumph and Transition, 1943-1952, Author: Robert Penn Warren
NOOK Book $78.99 $90.00 Current price is $78.99, Original price is $90.00.
Title: The South During Reconstruction, 1865-1877: A History of the South, Author: E. Merton Coulter
Title: The Papers of Jefferson Davis: 1871-1879, Author: Jefferson Davis
Title: The Complete Roster and Service Records of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia during the Overland Campaign, Author: Alfred C. Young III
NOOK Book $56.99 $65.00 Current price is $56.99, Original price is $65.00.
Title: Martial Culture, Silver Screen: War Movies and the Construction of American Identity, Author: Matthew Christopher Hulbert
Title: The Diary of Edmund Ruffin: A Dream Shattered, June, 1863-June, 1865, Author: Edmund Ruffin
Title: Writing History with Lightning: Cinematic Representations of Nineteenth-Century America, Author: Matthew Christopher Hulbert

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