Title: The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren, Author: Robert Penn Warren
Title: French Colonial Louisiana and the Atlantic World: An Elegy / Edition 1, Author: Bradley G. Bond
Title: Southern Writers: A New Biographical Dictionary / Edition 1, Author: Joseph M. Flora
Title: The Papers of Jefferson Davis: June 1865-December 1870, Author: Jefferson Davis
Title: Blacks, Carpetbaggers, and Scalawags: The Constitutional Conventions of Radical Reconstruction / Edition 1, Author: Richard L. Hume
Title: The Complete Poems of Christina Rossetti: A Variorum Edition: Volume II / Edition 1, Author: Christina Rossetti
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Title: The History of Southern Women's Literature, Author: Carolyn Perry
Title: The Papers of Jefferson Davis: January-September 1863, Author: Jefferson Davis
Title: Public Spaces, Private Gardens: A History of Designed Landscapes in New Orleans / Edition 1, Author: Lake Douglas
Title: James Hamilton of South Carolina, Author: Robert Tinkler
Title: Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren: New Beginnings and New Directions, 1953-1968, Author: Robert Penn Warren
Title: Tiburcio Cari­as: Portrait of a Honduran Political Leader, Author: Thomas J. Dodd
Title: LSU Law: The Louisiana State University Law School from 1906 to 1977, Author: W. Lee Hargrave
Title: Slave against Slave: Plantation Violence in the Old South, Author: Jeff Forret