Title: Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, Author: Scott Ellsworth
Title: President without a Party: The Life of John Tyler, Author: Christopher J. Leahy
Title: A Confederacy of Dunces (35th Anniversary Edition), Author: John Kennedy Toole
Title: The Enduring Civil War: Reflections on the Great American Crisis, Author: Gary W. Gallagher
Title: I'll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition / Edition 75, Author: Susan V. Donaldson
Title: The West Bank of Greater New Orleans: A Historical Geography, Author: Richard Campanella
Title: First Chaplain of the Confederacy: Father Darius Hubert, S.J., Author: Katherine Bentley Jeffrey
Title: The Cipher, Author: Molly Brodak
Title: My Lookalike at the Krishna Temple: Poems, Author: Jacqueline Osherow
Title: America's Reconstruction: People and Politics After the Civil War / Edition 1, Author: Eric Foner
Title: Devils Walking: Klan Murders along the Mississippi in the 1960s, Author: Stanley Nelson
Title: The Life and Legend of Bras-Coupé: The Fugitive Slave Who Fought the Law, Ruled the Swamp, Danced at Congo Square, Invented Jazz, and Died for Love, Author: Bryan Wagner
Title: My Life and An Era: The Autobiography of Buck Colbert Franklin, Author: John Hope Franklin
Paperback $22.45 $24.95 Current price is $22.45, Original price is $24.95.
Title: The Sugar Masters: Planters and Slaves in Louisiana's Cane World, 1820--1860 / Edition 1, Author: Richard Follett
Title: Alive Together: New and Selected Poems, Author: Lisel Mueller
Title: I Am One of You Forever: A Novel / Edition 1, Author: Fred Chappell
Paperback $17.95 $19.95 Current price is $17.95, Original price is $19.95.
Title: The ABCs of LSU, Author: Linda Colquitt Taylor
Title: The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town, Author: Cyril E. Vetter
Title: The Origins of Southern College Football: How an Ivy League Game Became a Dixie Tradition, Author: Andrew McIlwaine Bell
Title: Civil War Supply and Strategy: Feeding Men and Moving Armies, Author: Earl J. Hess

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