Title: Creole New Orleans: Race and Americanization, Author: Arnold R. Hirsch
Paperback $23.35 $25.95 Current price is $23.35, Original price is $25.95.
Title: Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution / Edition 1, Author: Charles Royster
Paperback $20.65 $22.95 Current price is $20.65, Original price is $22.95.
Title: Marching with Sherman: Through Georgia and the Carolinas with the 154th New York, Author: Mark H. Dunkelman
Title: Zachary Taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest, Author: K. Jack Bauer
Title: Forged in Battle: The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers, Author: Joseph T. Glatthaar
Title: Lee's Dispatches: Unpublished Letters of General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A., to Jefferson Davis and the War Department of the Confederate States of America, 1862-65 / Edition 1, Author: Douglas Southall Freeman
Title: Emancipation, the Union Army, and the Reelection of Abraham Lincoln, Author: Jonathan W. White
Title: Anatomy of a Lynching: The Killing of Claude Neal, Author: James R. McGovern
Title: A Lesser Love: Poems, Author: E. J. Koh
Title: The Battles for Spotsylvania Court House and the Road to Yellow Tavern, May 7-12, 1864, Author: Gordon C. Rhea Esq.
Title: Conjure in African American Society, Author: Jeffrey E. Anderson
NOOK Book $17.49 $19.95 Current price is $17.49, Original price is $19.95.
Title: An Empire for Slavery: The Peculiar Institution in Texas, 1821-1865 / Edition 1, Author: Randolph B. Campbell
Title: On to Petersburg: Grant and Lee, June 4-15, 1864, Author: Gordon C. Rhea Esq.
Title: Buried Dreams: The Hoosac Tunnel and the Demise of the Railroad Age, Author: Andrew R. Black
Title: After Secession: Jefferson Davis and the Failure of Confederate Nationalism / Edition 1, Author: Paul D. Escott
Title: The Cottoncrest Curse: A Novel, Author: Michael H. Rubin
Title: The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy, Author: Bell Irvin Wiley
Title: The Hills Beyond: A Novel, Author: Thomas Wolfe
Title: Carnival of Fury: Robert Charles and the New Orleans Race Riot of 1900 / Edition 1, Author: William Ivy Hair
Title: The Politics of Rage: George Wallace, the Origins of the New Conservatism, and the Transformation of American Politics / Edition 2, Author: Dan T. Carter

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