Title: When Being Good Isn't Good Enough, Author: Steve Brown
Title: Virtual Leadership, Author: Bart Banfield
Title: Left Turns: Following Jesus off the Beaten Path, Author: Kristan Dooley
Title: Desolate Heights: Reclaiming Life from Addiction, Isolation, and Emotional Instability, Author: A. H. Shackleford
Title: Love You From Right Here: Second Edition, Author: Jamie Sandefer
Title: God x Basketball: An Athlete's Playbook to Navigating Life with God's Word, Author: Nick Graham
Title: Tragedy Turned Upside Down, Author: Cindy Schmidler
Title: It All Started in Africa, Author: Suzanne Bowman Williams
Title: Continuing the Journey: A New Time, Author: Mercy Tobin
Title: Epic: Finding Jesus in Your Favorite Bible Stories, Author: Charlie Garrison
Title: The Magic Book: The Complete Beginners Guide to Anytime, Anywhere Close-Up Magic, Author: Harry Lorayne
Title: The Fight of My Life: Persevering through Neurofibromatosis, Author: Ethan W. Brown
Title: I Believe, Author: Dylin Bellis
Title: Moment: A Daily Devotional, Author: Gregg Matte
Title: Free Indeed!: Even from behind Bars, Author: C. Acuña
Title: The Beautiful Ache, Author: Leigh McLeroy
Title: By His Light I Walked through the Darkness: A Memoir, Author: Karen Welch Adkins
Title: Redeemed: That You May Know God and Who You Are in Jesus Christ, Author: Ladonna Will
Title: Daniel and the Donkey Factor, Author: Kevin P. Horath
Title: Sounds of the Earth, Author: Ed Hart

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