Title: Temple Did It, and I Can, Too!: Seven Simple Life Rules, Author: Jennifer Gilpin Yacio
Title: Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned to Help Myself, Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson
Title: Autistic? How Silly is That!: I Don't Need Any Labels at All!, Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson
Title: B is for BOYS and BEES, Author: Kathryn Velikanje
Title: Just Like Me, Author: Jennifer Diane Ming
Title: C is for CRAZY CATS, Author: Kathryn Velikanje
Title: Behind The Mask, Author: Jennifer D Ming
Title: A is for ALLIGATOR (Chinese), Author: Kathryn Velikanje Shan Shan
Title: The House and the Doormat, Author: Sherry Martin
Title: The Potty Dance, Author: Sylvia Pomazak
Title: Cecilia's Journey to the Sea, Author: Carol Staton
Title: Adventures with Buster, Author: London Lake Pickett
Title: Butterfly Charlie, Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson
Title: A is for ALLIGATOR, Author: Kathryn Velikanje
Title: A Checkered Life: A Short's Story About Living Life to the Fullest, Author: Malia Blake
Title: Everyday Circus (Chinese), Author: Kathryn Shan Shan
Title: I is for ICE CREAM, Author: Kathryn Velikanje
Title: H is for HORSE, Author: Kathryn Velikanje
Title: Chugga Connor Choo Choo, Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson
Title: F is for FACE, Author: Kathryn Velikanje

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