Title: The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, Author: Ainissa Ramirez
Title: Our Moral Fate: Evolution and the Escape from Tribalism, Author: Allen Buchanan
Title: International Security, Author: The MIT Press
Title: Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons, Author: Julia Gillard
Title: African Arts, Author: The MIT Press
Title: On Anger, Author: Agnes Callard
Title: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, Author: The MIT Press
Title: Daedalus, Author: The MIT Press
Title: The Raven's Hat: Fallen Pictures, Rising Sequences, and Other Mathematical Games, Author: Jonas Peters
Title: Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals, Author: Katie Salen
Title: Energy and Civilization: A History, Author: Vaclav Smil
Title: Too Much Information: Understanding What You Don't Want to Know, Author: Cass R. Sunstein
Title: Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist, Author: Christof Koch
Title: The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World, Author: Adam Gazzaley
Title: The Power Brokers: The Struggle to Shape and Control the Electric Power Industry, Author: Jeremiah D. Lambert
Title: Building Ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology, Author: Robert Arp
Title: Evolution in Four Dimensions, revised edition: Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life, Author: Eva Jablonka
Title: Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World, Author: Meredith Broussard
Title: Asfuriyyeh: A History of Madness, Modernity, and War in the Middle East, Author: Joelle M Abi-Rached
Title: The Grid: Biography of an American Technology, Author: Julie A Cohn

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