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Title: This Christmas, Author: J.P. Bowie
Title: Daddy By Default, Author: Shawn Bailey
Title: Explore with Me, Author: Kris Jacen
Title: Challenge Me, Author: Kris Jacen
Title: Always with Me, Author: Kris Jacen
Title: Power Tool, Author: Elizabeth Lister
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Title: Bah Humbug, Benson, Author: Jambrea Jo Jones
Title: Angels On Top, Author: N.J. Neilsen
Title: Finding a Dream, Author: S.J. Frost
Title: Second Chance at Love, Author: Diana DeRicci
Title: Deck the Dire Wolves, Author: Stephani Hecht
Title: Without You I Can't Breathe, Author: Shawn Bailey
Title: The Bonding, Author: J.C. Owens
Title: Chasing His Cottontail, Author: A.R. Barley
Title: The Alpha's Perfect Mate, Author: Carol Pedroso
Title: Nanny Dearest, Author: Shawn Bailey
Title: Promises Kept, Author: Elizabeth Silver
Title: Rexly the Randy Reindeer, Author: Stephani Hecht
Title: Missing Soldier, Author: Laura AKM Miles
Title: Out There in the Night, Author: Laura Baumbach

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