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Title: Cold Quiet Country, Author: Clayton Lindemuth
Title: Holding Avery: A Memoir, Author: Heidi Chandler
Title: Don't Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit, Author: Sonny Brewer
Title: Horse Latitudes, Author: Morris Collins
Title: Family Legacy, Author: Jack O'Halloran
Title: Spectres in the Smoke, Author: Tony Broadbent
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Title: The Smoke, Author: Tony Broadbent
Title: A Brilliant Novel in the Works, Author: Yuvi Zalkow
Title: The Delving, Author: Jes Young
Title: Resonance, Author: C.L. Davies
Title: Visiting Life: Good, Middle-Class, Honor Society Girls Don't Get Involved with Men in Prison... Do They?, Author: Bridget Kinsella
Title: Trevor's Toothy Tale, Author: Sarah Gray
Title: Otherworld: Isle of Mist, Author: Adrian Bailey
Title: Aesop's Secret, Author: Claudia White
Title: November's Shadow: A Bodowski Mystery, Author: Bruce Rehburg
Title: Shadows in the Smoke, Author: Tony Broadbent
Title: Servalius Window, Author: Claudia White
Title: Third Degree, Author: Claire Rayner
Title: Hard Place, Author: Douglas Stewart
Title: Mockingbird, Author: Julie Trimingham

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