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Title: China and the World since 1945: An International History, Author: Chi-kwan Mark
Title: Latin America (Making of the Contemporary World Series): Development and conflict Since 1945 / Edition 2, Author: John Ward
Title: Communism and its Collapse, Author: Stephen White
Title: Pacific Asia: The Politics of Development / Edition 1, Author: Yumei Zhang
Title: The International Economy Since 1945, Author: Sidney Pollard
Title: Thatcher and Thatcherism, Author: Eric J. Evans
Title: Thatcher and Thatcherism / Edition 4, Author: Eric J. Evans
Title: Communism and It's Collapse / Edition 1, Author: Stephen White
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Title: International Economic Relations since 1945 / Edition 1, Author: Catherine R. Schenk
Title: War and Warfare since 1945 / Edition 1, Author: Sterling M. Pavelec
Title: Conflict and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World, Author: David J. Whittaker