Title: Scratches: The Rules of the Game, Volume 1, Author: Michel Leiris
Title: Scraps: The Rules of the Game, Volume 2, Author: Michel Leiris
Title: Fibrils: The Rules of the Game, Volume 3, Author: Michel Leiris
Title: I Live in the Slums: Stories, Author: Can Xue
Title: Love in the New Millennium, Author: Can Xue
Title: At Twilight They Return: A Novel in Ten Tales, Author: Zyranna Zateli
Title: Sentence to Hope: A Sa'dallah Wannous Reader, Author: Sa'dallah Wannous
Title: Family Record, Author: Patrick Modiano
Title: Trans-Atlantyk: An Alternate Translation, Author: Witold Gombrowicz
Title: Snapshots, Author: Claudio Magris
Title: Blindly, Author: Claudio Magris
Title: The Third Walpurgis Night: The Complete Text, Author: Karl Kraus
Title: Globetrotter, Author: David Albahari
Title: The Walnut Mansion, Author: Miljenko Jergovic
Title: Rimbaud the Son, Author: Pierre Michon
Title: Passions, Author: Giacomo Leopardi
Title: The Poetry of Kabbalah: Mystical Verse from the Jewish Tradition, Author: Peter Cole
Title: Please Talk to Me: Selected Stories, Author: Liliana Heker
Title: Severina, Author: Rodrigo Rey Rosa
Title: After the Circus: A Novel, Author: Patrick Modiano

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