Title: Sleepless in Seattle
Director: Nora Ephron
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Title: The Doors
Title: Kate & Leopold Pre-Order Now
Director: James Mangold
Title: French Kiss
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Title: City of Angels
Director: Brad Silberling
Title: When Harry Met Sally
Title: The Presidio
Director: Peter Hyams
Title: D.O.A.
Title: Rich and Famous
Director: George Cukor
Title: Anastasia
Title: Innerspace
Director: Joe Dante
Title: The Women
Title: Promised Land
Director: Michael Hoffman
Title: Cut and Run: A Light-Hearted Dark Comedy, Author: Ben Acker
Title: Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc., Author: Delia Ephron
Title: The Human Comedy: The Inspiration for the Movie Ithaca, Author: William Saroyan