Title: Anastasia's Rain, Author: Sheila Kilpatrick
Title: That the Lord May Whistle, Author: Twylla De Coste
Title: The Fabulous Glitter Girl, Author: Morgan Lee Scheel
Title: Jude's Moon, Author: Nancy Guettier
Title: The Zealous Zebecs from the Midnight Ocean's Zenith, Author: Lisa Baker-King
Title: The Gardener's Helpers, Author: Joann Claypoole
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Title: Finding Love on Summer Hill, Author: Kelly Pedersen
Title: Circus in the Sky, Author: Nancy Guettier
Title: Maury C. Moose And The Forest Noel, Author: Adam  Baker
Title: A Glove of Their Own, Author: Deborah Moldovan
Title: Davis and Pop Go Hiking, Author: Cary D. Wood
Title: God Culture for Kids: Why Do People Die, Author: John A. Naphor
Title: Mermaids on Mars, Author: Nancy Guettier
Title: Momma Loves You, Author: Katie Jo Hook
Title: The White Horse, Author: Eli Goodman MD
Title: The Day the Calf Ate the Chocolate Cake, Author: Rachel Campbell Deddens
Title: Azule and the White Hummingbird: The Birth of the White Hummingbird, Author: Jan Long
Title: Squirt Saves The Day, Author: Maryel Henderson
Title: Bully Busters and Beyond: 9 Treasures to Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Strength of Character, Author: Phil Nguyen
Title: Hooked On The Book: Patrick's Adventures Through the Books of the Bible, Author: Liz Hagler

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