Title: My First Puppy, Author: Mandy Wood
Title: Grandma and Me: A Kid's Guide for Alzheimer's and Dementia, Author: Beatrice Tauber Prior Psy.D.
Title: The Boy Who Stood Up Tall, Author: Sarah Boyd
Title: Princesses Don't Wear Glasses, Author: Tia Cherie Dammen
Title: Finding Love on Summer Hill, Author: Kelly Pedersen
Title: Esther's Grand Adventure, Author: Alyssa Johnston
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Title: Curtis Gets Ready to Dream: A Bedtime Story to Guide your Child to Sleep, Author: Catrina Stiller LPC
Title: Run Rikki Run, Author: Margie Fisher
Title: Liliana Loretta LaRue, Author: Anne Kelly McGreevy
Title: I Wish, Author: Nancy Guettier
Title: The Fabulous Glitter Girl, Author: Morgan Lee Scheel
Title: Cricket Catches the Travel Bug: A Travel Bug Tale, Author: Sarah Bowlin
Title: Squirt Saves The Day, Author: Maryel Henderson
Title: You Are You-nique, Author: Katy Newton Naas
Title: Pippin No Drippin': (pippin the Cat Series, Book #2), Author: Layne Ihde Pre-Order Now
Title: Anny and Allie, Author: Nicole Rubel