Title: Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #metoo: The Young Adult's Guide to Sexual Safety, Author: Amy R Carpenter Pre-Order Now
Title: I Wanted to be a Pilot: The Making of a Tuskegee Airman, Author: Franklin J. Macon
Title: Taming Chaos: A Parable on Decision Making, Author: Gary R Miller
Title: Blank Check, A Novel: What if You Were Asked to Help Reinvent Public Schools?, Author: Aaron Smith PhD
NOOK Book $8.99 $9.99 Current price is $8.99, Original price is $9.99.
Title: This Is Not 'The End': Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life, Author: Nina Sossamon-Pogue
Title: Teen Ref: A Good
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Title: Destination Awesome: Get the Life You Want Even if You Have to Beat the Odds, Author: Amiee Mueller
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Title: If You Give an Ox an Oxy: A Parod(ox)y, Author: Laura E. Happe PharmD
Title: The Secret Key of Pythagorum, Author: Michele Angello
Title: The Freedom Dance, Author: Eric Falkner
Title: Ethos: Rise of Malcolm, Author: Aaron Dworkin
Title: What I Need 2 Succeed: From A to Z for Teens, Author: Linda Carter
Title: Without Love I Am Nothing: Break the Chains of the Past to Live Your Best Future, Author: Des Bowman
Title: The Forest Gods' Fight: Book Two of the Forest Gods Series, Author: Alexandria Hook
Title: Life's Little College Admissions Insights: Top Tips From the Country's Most Acclaimed Guidance Counselors, Author: Eric Yaverbaum
Title: The Main Dish: A Novel, Author: Victoria Kimble
Title: Love, Sex & Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating, Author: Claire Hultin
Title: Return to the Wilds, Author: Cindy C.
Title: Sovereignty, Author: Anjenique Hughes
Title: Without A Trace: The Life of Sierra Phantom, Author: Danielle Nadler

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