Title: Jesus the Magician: A Renowned Historian Reveals How Jesus was Viewed by People of His Time, Author: Morton Smith
Title: Tannaitic Parallels to the Gospels, Author: Morton Smith
Title: Oppenheimer, Author: Tom Morton-Smith
Title: In Doggerland, Author: Tom Morton-Smith
Title: Clement of Alexandria and a Secret Gospel of Mark, Author: Morton Smith
Title: Making Mischief: Two Radical New Plays: The Earthworks by Tom Morton-Smith, Myth by Matt Hartley and Kirsty Housley, Author: Tom Morton-Smith
Title: Seventeenth-Century America: Essays in Colonial History, Author: James Morton Smith
Title: Studies in the Cult of Yahweh, Volume 2 New Testament, Early Christianity, Magica, Author: Morton Smith
Title: Ravens: Spassky vs. Fischer, Author: Tom Morton-Smith