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Title: Summer Murphy, Author: Arline
Title: The ABCs of Retail Management, Author: Negusse Negash
Title: Bloody Coffee, Author: Michelle Dim-st. Pierre
Title: Je Ne Sais Quoi, Author: Devoreaux Walton
Title: Reawakening, Author: Barbara A. Mangi
Title: The Dark Shadows of Retail Stores and Malls, Author: Donald Gray
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Title: The Battle-Tested Teammate, Author: Blake Williams
Title: The Street, Author: Philip S. Hodges
Title: Between the Realms, Author: Boo Newell
Title: A Different Kind of Friendship, Author: Adam Patterson
Title: The Unwavering Story of Ego, Author: DiAnne M. Seith
Title: Monkey YaYa's Forest Adventure, Author: Isaac F. Stallworth III
Title: Let's Move to China, Ma Cherie!, Author: Susan McDonald
Title: 5A Goes to Overlook Park, Author: Terry Markoff
Title: Biographies of Civil War Soldiers and Sailors of Westport, Massachusetts, Author: Paul A. Pannoni
Title: Weakness Special Cover Edition, Author: Charlie Green
Title: Wow Mom, You Speak Spanish!, Author: T. K. Peoples
Title: Compassion, Author: Lenora Robinson-Mitchell
Title: Growing Into Your Parenting Role, Author: William G. Shackelford
Title: The Seers, Author: Ken Sharpe

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