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Title: Talent (In Bulgarian Language), Author: Nelly Coneway
Title: Erst die Ehe, dann das Vergnügen: Roman, Author: Nelly Arnold
Title: Der Zaubergarten - Überraschungen haben Fell: Band 3, Author: Nelly Möhle
Title: Croire au Maghreb médiéval, Author: Nelly Amri
Title: The Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, Author: Ken  Setterington
Title: Ottoman Egypt and the Emergence of the Modern World: 1500-1800, Author: Nelly Hanna
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Title: Nelly, Author: Nelly Branson
Title: Jugoterapia, Author: Dayana Andrea Acosta
Title: Masculine/Feminine: Practices of Difference(s), Author: Nelly Richard
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Title: A l'ombre du boulevard Arago: Roman, Author: Nelly GAY
Title: Revelations: Spiritual Interviews, Author: Nelly Coneway
Title: MidKnight Rendezvous: Visions Of The Knight, Author: Vèè Nelly
Title: Alexa entre las olas, Author: Ana Cantarero
Title: The Jet Necklace, Author: Nelly Harper
Title: Strangers in the Night: Mentally Ill Mothers and Their Effects on Their Children, Author: Nelly Maseda MD
Title: Dulces saludables, Author: Dayana Andrea Acosta
Title: El Canto de Agua (Song of the Water Saints), Author: Nelly Rosario
Title: Vivencias, Author: Nelly Raquel Rauch
Title: Tematica en 5-7-5, Author: Nelly E. Santos
Title: The story of Pisa, Author: Janet Ross

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