Title: My N.C. from A-Z, Author: Michelle Lanier
Title: Guide to North Carolina Highway Historical Markers, Author: Michael Hill
Title: North Carolina in Maps, Author: William P. Cumming
Title: Indian Wars in North Carolina, 1663-1763, Author: Lawrence Lee
Title: Journal of a Secesh Lady: The Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1860-1866, Author: Beth Gilbert Crabtree
Title: A Day of Blood: The 1898 Wilmington Race Riot, Author: LeRae Sikes Umfleet
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Title: So Great the Devastation: The 1916 Flood in Western North Carolina, Author: Jessica A. Bandel
Title: The First Colonists: Documents on the Planting of the First English Settlements in North America, 1584-1590, Author: David Beers Quinn
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Title: History of African Americans in North Carolina / Edition 2, Author: Jeffrey J. Crow
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Title: Recollections of My Slavery Days, Author: Katherine Mellen Charron
Title: Tar Heels: How North Carolinians Got Their Nickname, Author: Michael W. Taylor
Title: North Carolina as a Civil War Battleground, 1861-1865, Author: John G. Barrett
Title: The Formative Cultures of the Carolina Piedmont, Author: Joffre Lanning Coe
Title: Backgrounds and Preparations for the Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590, Author: John L. Humber
Title: Memories of World War I: North Carolina Doughboys on the Western Front, Author: R. Jackson Marshall
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Title: Native Carolinians: The Indians of North Carolina, Author: Theda Perdue
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Title: This Day in North Carolina History, Author: Ansley Herring Wegner
Title: The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina, Author: Hugh F. Rankin
Title: The Old North State Fact Book: Revised Edition, 2008, Author: North Carolina Office of Archives and History
Title: The Civil War in Coastal North Carolina, Author: John S. Carbone

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