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Title: Democracy, Author: David Haugen
Title: Harm Reduction: Public Health Strategies, Author: Barbara Krasner
Title: The Homeless, Author: Tamara L. Roleff
Title: Domestic Violence, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
Title: Gay Marriage, Author: Gale Group
Title: Sports in America: Opposing Viewpoints, Author: William Dudley
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Title: Witch Hunt or Justice?: Accusations Against Public Figures, Author: M. M. Eboch
Title: Marijuana, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Abortion, Author: David M. Haugen
Title: Pesticides and GMOs, Author: Yea Jee Bae
Title: Alternative Lending, Author: Amanda Hiber
Title: Gun Violence: Opposing Viewpoints, Author: James D. Torr
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Title: Male/Female Roles, Author: Laura K. Egendorf
Title: NASA, Author: Margaret Haerens
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Title: Israel, Author: John Woodward
Title: Achievement Gap, Author: Karen Miller
Title: Israel, Author: Myra Immell
Title: The U.S. Latino Community, Author: Margaret Haerens
Title: Health Care in America, Author: Carol Wekesser
Title: Ethics, Author: Roman Espejo

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