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Title: I Love You Madly: Marie-Antoinette and Count Fersen: The Secret Letters, Author: Evelyn Farr
Title: Machines in the Head: Selected Short Writing, Author: Anna Kavan
Title: Modern Greek Writing: An Anthology in English Translation, Author: David Ricks
Title: Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days, Author: Jared Cade
Title: The Playboy Princes: The Apprentice Years of Edward VII and VIII, Author: Peter Beer
Title: Secret Protocols, Author: Peter Vansittart
Title: Year of the Bull, Author: Oscar Parland
Title: The Gothic King: A Biography of Henry III, Author: John Paul Davis
Title: Empire of the Sikhs: Revised edition, Author: Patwant Singh
Title: Mozart in Italy, Author: Iwo Zaluski
Title: Shakespeare's Storytellers, Author: Barbara Hardy
Title: Joys and Sorrows: Fragments from the Post-War Years, Author: Phyllis Willmott
Title: Lucky Him: The Life of Kingsley Amis, Author: Richard Bradford
Title: Hermes In Paris, Author: Peter Vansittart
Title: The Prisoner, Author: Fakhar Zaman
Title: Baudelaire in Chains: A Portrait of the Artist as a Drug Addict, Author: Frank Hilton
Title: The Deep End, Author: Robert Liddell
Title: Madness - the Price of Poetry, Author: Jeremy Reed
Title: Alfred Douglass: A Poet's Life and His Finest Work, Author: Caspar Wintermans
Title: Inheritance: A Psychological History of the Royal Family, Author: Dennis Friedman

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