Title: Form as Harmony in Rock Music, Author: Drew Nobile
Title: Studies in Music with Text, Author: David Lewin
Title: A Blaze of Light in Every Word: Analyzing the Popular Singing Voice, Author: Victoria Malawey
Title: Tonality and Transformation, Author: Steven Rings
Title: Music at Hand: Instruments, Bodies, and Cognition, Author: Jonathan De Souza
Title: A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice, Author: Dmitri Tymoczko
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Title: Foundations of Musical Grammar, Author: Lawrence M. Zbikowski
Title: In the Process of Becoming: Analytic and Philosophical Perspectives on Form in Early Nineteenth-Century Music, Author: Janet Schmalfeldt
Title: Hearing Homophony: Tonal Expectation at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century, Author: Megan Kaes Long
Title: Enacting Musical Time: The Bodily Experience of New Music, Author: Mariusz Kozak
Title: Performing Knowledge: Twentieth-Century Music in Analysis and Performance, Author: Daphne Leong
Title: Sweet Thing: The History and Musical Structure of a Shared American Vernacular Form, Author: Nicholas Stoia Pre-Order Now
Title: Flow: The Rhythmic Voice in Rap Music, Author: Mitchell Ohriner
Title: Desire in Chromatic Harmony: A Psychodynamic Exploration of Fin de Si�cle Tonality, Author: Kenneth M. Smith
Title: Pieces of Tradition: An Analysis of Contemporary Tonal Music, Author: Daniel Harrison
Title: Songs in Motion: Rhythm and Meter in the German Lied, Author: Yonatan Malin
Title: Beating Time & Measuring Music in the Early Modern Era, Author: Roger Mathew Grant
Title: Music as Discourse: Semiotic Adventures in Romantic Music, Author: Kofi  Agawu
Title: Desire in Chromatic Harmony: A Psychodynamic Exploration of Fin de Siècle Tonality, Author: Kenneth M. Smith
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Title: Organized Time: Rhythm, Tonality, and Form, Author: Jason Yust

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