Title: Que cosas dice mi abuela: (The Things My Grandmother Says), Author: Ana Galan
Title: Pacho Nacho, Author: Silvia López
Title: When Walt Disney Rode a Pig, Author: Mark Weakland
Title: The Foodie Flamingo, Author: Vanessa Howl Pre-Order Now
Title: Crunch and Crack, Oink and Whack!: An Onomatopoeia Story, Author: Brian P. Cleary
Title: The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Band 13/Topaz, Author: Mara Bergman
Title: The Night Baafore Easter, Author: Dawn Young Pre-Order Now
Title: Mas Cosas Que Dice Mi Abuela!: Dichos y refranes sobre animales, Author: Ana Galan
Title: The Night Baafore Christmas, Author: Dawn Young