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Title: Being An Agile Leader-Manager - Practical skills to handle people challenges in today's world of work, Author: Catherine Joyce
Title: The Unnatural Networker, Author: Charlie Lawson
Title: Human Resources Changes the World, Author: Glenn G Jones
Title: Attract Authentic Love: How to bring true love into your life in 3 proven steps, Author: Julia Keller
Title: The Joy of Plumbing, Author: Hattie Hasan
Title: Time Mastery: Banish Time Management Forever, Author: John McLachlan
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Title: Dana's Walk, Author: Sera Johnston
Title: Moving Mountains - Discover the Mountain in You, Author: Julie Miles Lewis
Title: Realtor Rescue - How to Be a Realtor and Still Have a Life, Author: Sandi Klein
Title: Inclusion Around The Clock: Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion with Pluribus, Author: Isabelle Pujol
Title: Cooking Up Success - Helping You Discover the Job of Your Dreams, Author: Cindy Etsell
Title: Better Thinking for Better Results, Author: Cathy Lasher
Title: ...and Death Came Third!, Author: Andy Lopata
Title: Team Magic, Author: Iris Clermont
Title: Rocking Your Role - The 'How To' Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners, Author: Jenny Garrett
Title: Message of Love, Author: Dawn Cummins
Title: Dream Design Surf, Author: Marcelo Bravo
Title: The Price of Heartbreak: Healing is mindfully feeling, Author: Rick Sharpe
Title: The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine, Author: Susie Heath
Title: The Neuro Edge: People Insights for Leaders and Practitioners, Author: Clive Hyland

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