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Title: Being An Agile Leader-Manager - Practical skills to handle people challenges in today's world of work, Author: Catherine Joyce
Title: The Unnatural Networker, Author: Charlie Lawson
Title: Human Resources Changes the World, Author: Glenn G Jones
Title: Confidence for Life: 9 Secrets for Setting Yourself Free, Author: Susan Armstrong
Title: Dance Your Way to the Top! Feminine Leadership without burning out, Author: Susie Heath
Title: The M-Factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers, Author: Tom Maddocks
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Title: 10 Secrets to Sporting Success, Author: Katie Page
Title: It's Behaviour, Stupid!, Author: Steve Glowinkowski
Title: Connect: Through Think Feel Know, Author: Clive Hyland
Title: Business Battleships, Author: Tim Rylatt
Title: The Intelligent Parent's Guide to Faster Potty Training: Empowering Parents to Greater Levels of Achievement and Fulfilment, Author: Jacqueline Coe
Title: Team Magic, Author: Iris Clermont
Title: Building Your Dream Life: How Property Can Help You Quit the Rat Race, Author: Bronwen Vearncombe
Title: Heels of Steel: Surviving & Thriving In The Corporate World, Author: Vanessa Vallely
Title: The Act of Attraction in Business - How to Align Your Activity for Extraordinary Business Results, Author: Tamsen Garrie
Title: Rent to Rent, Author: Jacquie Edwards
Title: Message of Love, Author: Dawn Cummins
Title: Getting Out Of A Rut, Author: Carla Watson
Title: The Ego's Code, Author: Clayton John Ainger
Title: Feelings Can Be Friends, Author: Gail Maisel

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